Jacob Van Acker vs. Danny Del Toro (Unleashed)


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New favorite Danny Del Toro is scrappy, nasty, streetsmart, and a seriously catty fighter. Jacob Van Acker is a recent favorite too, with pretty hair and a nice, tight body. These two boys look like they were made to go at it. Del Toro leads with a rough hairpulling surprise and a hard slam. He uses his fingers to fondle and crush Van Acker’s pretty face, forcing him into a nice strangle hold with some rough nipple abuse thrown in. 

“Who’s your DADDY!” roars Danny, while clutching Van Acker’s balls with animalistic brutality. Del Toro loves Van Acker’s screams...he loves applying a rough, painful wedgie...he even mimics Van Acker’s sobbing cries of pain like a schoolyard bully. But it’s not all catty, dirty moves here. Del Toro’s well versed in pro slams and Boston crabs, and he knows how to marry the world of pro wrestling perfectly with the world of exotic, erotic, trash-talk fueled fighting. 

Del Toro abuses Van Acker’s pretty face, demanding to see his teeth. He twists and bites his fingers. He stomps on his hand. Del Toro even takes away Van Acker’s ownership over his own body. “My nipples!” moans Van Acker. “Who’s nipples are they now?” screams Del Toro. “Mine!” 

This might seriously be one of the sweatiest, sexiest punishment sessions ever filmed. This is one match you’ll watch again and again. Hell, I’m gonna watch it again right now!

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 46 seconds

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