Jacob Van Acker vs. Drew Harper


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Muscular Drew flexes and flaunts his sexy self while tossing around the old pigskin. This youthful, bronze god doesn't want anybody touching his football. Pretty boy Jacob enters the ring with his 90’s hair and taunting attitude, only to get bearhugged, hoisted off his feet, and slammed hard...all for checking out the bigger boy’s toy.  

The bigger Drew grinds the pretty boy’s face into the floor, then laces his manly fingers through the punks pretty hair and yanks his head back roughly. Drew uses the football as a prop, sometimes cradling it, sometimes, pressing it between himself and his victim, as he maneuvers the struggling Jacob like a puppet, using his hair for leverage.

Drew feeds Jacob a facefull of armpit, tossing the football at him and daring him to take it. Jacob is crushed and stretched, his ass and package served up for the camera in humiliating high definition. Bare feet flex and strain. Backs are bent in brutal Boston crabs, and sweat turns beautiful bodies into glossy works of art. Violent wedgies! Cradles! Camels! Closeups of packages and asses! Hair pulling! Stomach slapping! Will Jacob learn his lesson and never again touch the bigger boy’s football?

Runtime: 22 minutes, 36 seconds

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