Jacob Van Acker vs. Jaxton Wheeler


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Handsome Jacob’s in trouble again. The Hollywood handsome prettyboy with the hairy chest and pits has his face squarely squashed between Jaxton Wheeler’s massive thighs. Jacob slaps and kicks helplessly, his groans and moans muffled by Wheeler’s man meat, thoroughly pressed against Jacob’s mouth. Jacob strains to pry the gladiator’s thighs apart, only succeeding in working the better man into a hard facesit that couldn’t possibly feel better! 

Wheeler’s bare feet lock together, tightening an already unbreakable grip on Jacob’s torso. Jacob’s handsome face twists in pain as his insides are crushed. Jacob’s balls bounce as he bucks his hips in a fruitless effort to get free of the superior thighs. The percussive cries and long moans and grunts only motivate the match to reach new, punishing levels, as the hairy brute grinds his balls and butt onto Jacob’s face, sandwiching his screaming head, and exposing his feet and ass to the camera with wicked satisfaction. It’s total domination, with not a single word spoken (or in this case, screamed) until the last two minutes.

Easily the hottest domination match ever filmed. 

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 42 seconds

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