Jacob Van Acker vs. Joey Nux (Beach)


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“My beach.”

“No, my beach.”

It’s the age old argument, the tale as old as time. And there’s only one way to settle it!

Musclegod Joey Nux wastes no time pressing prettyboy Jacob VanAcker into the cold, wet sand. Bare feet sink into the uneven surface, as Nux pushes Van Acker into the shallow water. Van Acker splashes and springs at the bigger man, wrapping his arms around him and pulling him down into the the salty, seaweed strewn sand as water washes over them.

Nux is cradled and crushed, his package on display through his blue swimming wear. Soaking wet and still fighting, Nux camels Van Acker, pulls his hair, and crushes his windpipe. Wet hair is used for pulling. Wet chests clash and grind. Sand sticks to skin and muscles glow in a watery war.

Wet, sandy Boston crabs scare away real crabs, and Van Acker flails and claws uselessly at sand and water. Van Acker’s face is dunked again and again in a bubbling, straining struggle that sees the pretty boy apologizing and pleading. The herons in the background couldn’t care less, as if to say “let the human’s fight.” To them, the beach has always been theirs.

Runtime: 18 minutes, 26 seconds

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