Jacob Van Acker vs. Nick Justice (Re-Match)


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Singlets! Sleek, skintight, revealing singlets. For some wrestling enthusiasts, they’re an obsession. For energetic jobberpunk Jacob Van Acker, they’re torture devices. As the golden hunk stretches in a red singlet that perfectly frames his flawless arms and sexy armpits, the one and only Nick Justice rises up from below the ring as if from the underworld in a black singlet of his own!

“My minion has escaped…” hisses Justice, creeping toward Van Acker with menace in his eyes. Justice is big, bearded, beefy, and brilliant in boots and knee pads, his bodacious butt looking epic in his singlet. Van Acker attacks, and Justice loves it...begging like a growling masochist to have his nipples pinched. Justice makes good use of VanAcker’s hair, as the two tangle and twist, sleek singlets sliding against one another in almost erotic ecstasy. Van Acker drives his ass into Justice’s in a Boston crab that gets Justice apologizing and moaning in painful pleasure. Van Acker can’t tell if his punishments are working or not, as Justice seems to love every excruciating moment!

As the singlets begin to peel off, VanAcker can almost sense that it’s only a matter of time before his own red singlet becomes an instrument designed specifically for choking. It’s a spanking, fingers in mouths, hair pulling, knees in necks, ropes around throats kinda sweaty brawl filled with grunts, groans, and aggressive whispering in ears. Faces are buried in balls, and literally every frame is like a work of erotic wrestling art! You’ll definitely want to watch this one again!

Runtime: 21 minutes, 45 seconds

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