Jacob Van Acker vs. Z-Man


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When you take two faces, who also happen to be jobbers, and pair them up, one of them should finally have their moment to shine. Our money is on the ever-hard, ever-ready, Z-Man. He always shows up in Men’s Fitness cover model shape, full of energy and ready to go. Jacob Van Acker is a little more boy-next-door, but he definitely hits the gym as well. These two just get at it from the top, and the focus of this match becomes pretty obvious pretty quickly. Z-Man almost immediately gets Van Acker on his back, then legs up and over, ankles to ears, and that nice, meaty round butt straight up in the air. Z-Man’s muscular thighs and torso keep those legs pinned, while Van Acker squirms helplessly. When you see his face through his legs, contorted and getting redder and redder, you will definitely feel the pain. 

You also wouldn’t blame Van Acker for feeling just a bit vulnerable in this position. His ass and crotch might be covered by his tight trunks, but they are still totally exposed. This would be the perfect time for a spanking and ball torture session – but that will have to wait for another time. Maybe that much vulnerability is a little too much for him, because Van Acker manages to remember what a leg press is, and snaps out of that hold. He reverses the situation, and soon we get the same birds-eye view of Z-Man’s super-sexy butt. You just might hit pause for a moment of appreciation at how many squat repetitions that smooth perfection took. 

But Van Acker’s moment in the sun is fleeting – his full moon is due for another rise. Again and again and again. It’s like Z-Man has 100 recipes for “ass-up buffet” and wants to try them all. He repeatedly pins Van Acker’s ankles down with his legs, his arms, and his hands, from an ever-changing range of positions. Every time Van Acker manages to get up, it’s only going to be moments before his legs are bent over his head again, as he groans and writhes from the pain and humiliation. Of course, you know some classic school boy pins are coming, but with that extra sexy twist. Sitting firmly on Van Acker’s stomach, legs hooked under his armpits, you might have trouble deciding which view is better. From the back, where Van Acker’s full pouch is bouncing into Z-Man’s ass. Or from the front, when Z-Man gives Van Acker’s back a little more torque, his own meaty bulge just inches from Van Acker’s nose. 

Eventually, Z-Man has so fully dominated, he can even manage to hold Van Acker down with just one arm, while flexing his other shredded brocep right at you. This match isn’t just good. It’s Ass-tastic! 

Run-time: 20 minutes, 46 seconds

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