Jax Brewer vs. Elite Eliot


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“C’mon! Whaddya got?” challenges stone-faced Elite Eliot. If you’ve seen the work of his opponent, Jax Brewer, you’d be amazed by his apparent calm in the face of this talented grappler. Brewer is one hell of an opponent. Comfortable fighting on the floor, and unphased by the taunting trash talk of dudes like Eliot. Within seconds they’re tangled so tight it’s hard to tell where one human rope ends and another begins. 

Letting his signature man bun fly free, Brewer is every bit the cover of a romance novel, with tossing curls framing that winning face. He likes the dominant position, and frequently grapples his way atop Eliot’s back, where he rides that bucking bronco like a champion, flexing those biceps and lording over his prey with that hairy chest puffed out in pride. 

Eliot manages to wrap his legs around Brewer’s powerful torso, weakening him until he is able to press his boots into his face. Headlocks, sleepers, and well-deserved hair pulling brings out Eliot’s sadistic side. Soon Brewer is eating the mat...but not for long. 

It’s a back-and-forth kind of ass kicking, featuring two evenly skilled wrestlers coming into their own. 

“Who’s the champion?” demands the winner. 

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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