Jax Brewer vs. Nathan FX


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“You ready for this?”

“Bring it on, bitch!” 

Nathan FX resembles a longer, leaner Chris Pine. This Diet Captain America goes head-to-head with an effortlessly sexy relative newcomer in the shape of one Jax Brewer. This naturally well-muscled, hot, hairy, man-bun sporting stud fights with a breathtaking originality, pulling and pressing his opponent into detailed grappling combinations that he always seems to come out of victorious. 

This ain’t no squash job. This is one man challenging his foe to fight harder, better, and longer. Brewer’s every move seems built to keep the match moving, from antagonizing leg locks, to rubbing his stubble all over FX’s skin. Even forcing FX to choke himself with his own arm while Brewer taunts him from atop the fallen man’s chest feels like an invitation to just keep fighting. It’s like there’s a magnetic force keeping these dudes on top of each other. Their grappling bods seem to be always seeking total physical connection, as they playfully roll from one end of the fight space to the other. 

Brewer’s soon-to-be legendary hairy chest and pits are put on display as FX wrenches Brewer’s arms behind his head so the two of them can roll back and forth across the mats, in what is easily one of the most inspiring sights you’ll see today. Brewer finds his way back on top of FX, bare feet flexing constantly to match the changes in balance necessary to make FX suffer. 

This one is worthy of a study into human connection, and ought to be watched again and again.

Total Run-time: 24 minutes, 44 seconds

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