Jaxton Wheeler vs. Big Masked Heel


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Ever have one of those days where you think you are going to totally rule the day and then suddenly, the day rules you? That’s basically what happens to Jaxton Wheeler when he steps into the ring with the Big Masked Heel. He starts talking a good game but on his first attempt to take down the huge mountain of a man he is dropped to the canvas and things only go downhill from there.

Man handled in the corner, choked out and then having the Big Masked Heel land on him is just the start of Jaxton’s problems. A painful leg scissors leads to hand biting, nipple twists and an underarm claw.

Jaxton attempts to get up but is slapped back to the canvas and in his attempt to get away from the big man ends up back in the corner where he is then slammed to the mat and the huge heel splashes himself on the prone Wheeler. A full nelson on the mat displays a fully stretched Wheeler for the camera to enjoy. Got to hand it to Jax though he gives the Big Masked Heel the one fingered salute and tells him that his wife hits harder. Really the only way Jaxton can compete is with words because pound for pound it is such an overmatch.

Once back on the mat an extended ball grab leaves Jaxton turning bright red and nearly passing out. In the end, a sleeper hold that bring Jaxton just to brink of unconsciousness followed by another on the mat full nelson is too much and Jaxton must concede to the much larger man. There is something to be said for throwing one’s weight around, especially when you are as large as the Big Masked Heel!

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