Jaxton Wheeler vs. Brad Barnes


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Beefy Brad Barnes and porn prince Jaxton Wheeler look like a match made in wrestling heaven. Both dudes are built to clobber and dominate, with sizable chests, arms, and playful grins on bearded faces. Standing side by side, they flex like old-timey beefcake calendars brought to life, emphasizing the similarities between their powerful physiques. 

“Let’s see who’s most muscular?” suggests Brad. 

“I got Most Hairy,” observes Wheeler. 

The only way to push these bods further is some good-natured weight training. Good thing our adorable, resident ginger is waiting in the wings. Special guest Matty O’Boy is all too happy to allow himself to be passed back and forth to be curled, squatted, hair-pulled, and hoisted around. 

“I came here to wrestle, not be the equipment,” Matty moans. “This is like high school football all over again.”  

All that’s left to test these guys is good, old-fashioned rasslin, and they go to it like a coupla ancient Greek athletes, offering bearhug after bearhug as the camera dives deep into Wheeler’s glorious chest rug. It’s one crushing squeeze after another as these massive men go face-to-face, head-to-head, huge chest to huge chest in a rolling war of the sort so rarely attempted by such big guys.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 20 seconds

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