Jaxton Wheeler vs. Drew Harper (Gut Punch)


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Smooth, boyish hunk Drew Harper is working those abs out hard. A naturally beefy brawler, his killer torso is the product of a ton of hard work. With every crunch he completes, hairy Jaxton Wheeler shadow boxes over him. Jaxton is sporting red and gold boxing gloves, and an epically full beard that makes him look like something out of a lumberjack fantasy. Drew dares the hairy hunk to beat on his abs in a trade off, punch-for-punch. Drew gets overly excited, giving the beast two hits instead of just one. Jaxton gives Drew a pounding with his boxing gloved hand, and succeeds in knocking the kid to his knees. 

Smooth Drew shoves the hairy Jax into the corner of the ring, doing his best to leave an impact on the man’s abs. “Come on!” begs Jaxton, as Drew applies punch after punch to his manly body. Jaxton doesn’t seem to feel a thing, and poor Drew is almost entirely ground into the floor after his return punches. 

Jax looks incredible with his arms behind his head, sweat pouring from his pits and down his back. Prettyboy Drew’s perfect hair gets messed up as he too breaks a sweat, looking terrorized and terrified by Jaxton’s endurance. Over twenty minutes of pure abdominal destruction, ending with one man getting knocked out cold! 

Total Runtime - 20 minutes, 36 seconds

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