Jaxton Wheeler vs. Paricutin

Jaxton Wheeler vs. Paricutin

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Jaxton Wheeler (5'9", 205 lbs, Florida)
Paricutin (6'3", 175 lbs, Florida)

Paricutin is a unique wrestler. Fans will instantly appreciate his incredibly long and lean frame. He’s almost impossibly thin, with a handsome face, dark hair, and a serene presence. His lengthy feet flex and adjust as he stretches in a miniscule blue speedo that leaves nothing to the imagination. Jaxton Wheeler — on the other hand — is a massive, hairy manbeast with a protruding package barely contained within bright orange speedos. His thighs, chest, biceps, back, and full beard are the very picture of masculine perfection. 

It’s hard to believe Paricutin is actually a head taller than Jax...until they face off. Two very, very different bodies in an honorable no holds barred battle. The initial lockup is like poetry, between the slapping skin and the messy initial tumble. Jack straddles the lean, pretty boy, forcing his arms above his own head to expose a nest of coarse, black armpit hair. Jax gets to his feet, bringing his opponent with him, stretching him backward in a nelson that Paricutin is somehow slight enough to wriggle out of. 

Both men roll, twist, tangle, and trap one another as they press their asses together in a struggle for domination. Paricutin wraps his rope-like arms around Jax’s neck and puts the serpent-like squeeze on him. Paricutin’s face is an illustration of rage. Jax is all strength, but Paricutin is all sinew and twisting torture holds. The struggle is real...the final victorious moment is especially exciting! 

Total Runtime - 22 minutes, 47 seconds

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