Jayden Mayne vs. Chase Sinn


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Jayden showed up in the best shape I’ve ever seen him in. He’s been desperate for some wrestling matches. Since moving down south he has had a difficult time finding matches. 

Chase Sinn swaggers in with his usual self-importance, but that doesn’t phase Jayden. He’s here to wrestle, not have a conversation. Jayden’s exuberance only leads to problems. Chase throws him in, out and around the ring. 

The beautiful body only proves to be a target for the more skilled pro wrestler. He attacks and dominates the ripped mid-section. It’s enjoyable to watch the knowledgeable muscle stud from Florida reveal his extended array of holds and moves on the jobber from the Northeast. The time away from the mat really shows with all the abuse…from backbreakers to gut punishment to leg locks and more. 

Jayden is thrown out of the ring where he sits trying to digest the beating he just took. 

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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