Jayden Mayne vs. Josh Rotner


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Rumors are circulating of Josh Rotner’s prowess and Jayden shows up to address them. 

“I hear you’re the guy to beat around here. Well, I don’t think so. Size don’t matter,” Jayden informs his 6 foot 2 inch opposition. 

Josh is a loud-mouthed punk, who is single-minded with his foes. He wants to torment them while he jaw jacks the whole time. His legs are deceivingly powerful. Once wrapped around you there is almost no way out. Constantly utilizing his legs to punish, crush and dominate his competition, if I can even use that word to describe his victims. 

Rotner employs his size to handle challengers easily. Overcoming his lack of efficiency with sheer power and bruteness. He’s had enough fun playing with Jayden and applies a body scissor/sleeper hold combo that sends the defeated opponent to dreamland.

Like a high school bully, he comes back to harass the weary combatant. He teases Jayden before applying an aggressive sleeper hold to put him out, again. Leaving him laying face down drooling on the mat.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 20 seconds

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