Jayden Mayne vs. Max Quivers


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Jayden is stretching and preparing for his rematch with Josh Rotner. In walks Max Quivers. Jayden asks him what he’s doing there and he replies that Josh has hired him to handle the rematch for him. Jayden says he wants to wrestle Josh and not some fat guy in a mask. He’ll soon regret that comment as Max is as mean as he is big. Poor Kayden tries to leave, only to have the big man stop him, shove him into the wall, and put him in a painful bearhug. Max says he loves squashing little twinks, but Jayden snaps back that he’s not a twink and he has a bet with Josh that the loser calls the other one “Daddy” for a night. Jayden repeats that he’s not going to wrestle a fat man in a tie and a mask. Jayden takes control with a hammerlock, followed by an arm bar, quickly gaining control, but releasing the hold before Max submits. Could Jayden actually win this match against a much bigger opponent? 

Jayden taunts the big man, calling him fat and pointing out he’s having a hard time getting up off the mat. Big Max wastes no time in seeking out his revenge. He pounces on Jayden like a bear on an insect. Max is a complete beast and is ruthless in his attack on Jayden. Still, Jayden continues to run his mouth, even going so far as to call him a fat f***. Not too smart given their size and strength difference. Jayden submits to an excruciating stretch, but not before he yells out that he’s not a little twink. You can say you’re not. You can believe you’re not. That doesn’t necessarily make it true. Jayden is quickly put into an over-the-knee backbreaker with a stomach claw. In just a few seconds he is yelling out his submission. That didn’t take long. Two punches to the side of the head and a reverse choke have Jayden in trouble. Instead of submitting, he says, “F*** you, fat man!” Those punches must have done some damage because a reasonable man would have said, “I SUBMIT!” 

Jayden suffers more punishment with stretches, nipple twisting and pulling, and pulling his neck in a direction it isn’t meant to go. It doesn’t take long for Big Max to get the next submission from the twink. Jayden get his legs spread so far apart that we expect to hear one of his hips break. Just to prove his dominance, Max slaps Jayden right in his manhood. Submission number four comes immediately after that. Jayden keeps saying he’s not a little twink bitch, then calls Max a fat man. That gets Max to wrap his tie around Jayden’s throat. Max then puts him in a sleeper. Jayden is smart this time and submits before going out. Max is relentless and puts a claw hold directly on the twink belly. Jayden submits in a matter of seconds. More torture to Jayden’s abs is followed by a brutal punch to his manhood. Jayden is in some serious pain at this point and is probably regretting being such a smartass to Max. To retaliate for being called fat, Max puts his full weight onto the twink and gives him another punch to his manhood. Jayden finds himself in a camel clutch and tells Max to get his fat ass off him. Max responds with two body splashes and some powerful gut punches. Another punch to the head and painful stretch has Jayden screaming out yet another submission and begging for no more. A choke hold from the big man gets one more submission. How many more will it take to end this match? A body scissors and stomach claw gets the next submission. Our little twink Jayden is rolling around in pain when he’s subjected to several more belly splashes, a schoolboy pin, and a stinging slap across his face. He’s quick to follow the instructions of Big Max and says, “I quit, Daddy!” 

Max forces Jayden to stand, slaps him across the face, and picks him up and throws him over his shoulder before leaving with his prize. The big mystery of who is the Daddy and who is the twink is solved. We don’t know how much Josh paid to get Max to wrestle for him, but it was clearly money well spent. Jayden is beaten, dominated, punished, and humiliated. We would hate to see what Max did to him when he got his twink home. 

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 57 seconds

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