Jayden Mayne vs. Nick Sparx


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Nick Sparx has just finished his work out at a local gym. Now it’s time for cardio and the fun stuff, including a romp around the mats with speedo-clad Jayden. 

Eager to establish his physical dominance, Nick lays on the mat issuing an arm wrestling challenge to the 160 pound Jayden. After demonstrating the beefiness of his biceps, Nick and Jayden lock hands in a test of strength. The extra 25 pounds of muscle on Nick easily overpowers the ripped lightweight.

Nick is relatively new to the wrestling world, but you couldn’t tell. He forces Jayden to levitate with a double choke lift before carrying him like a lifeless victim and slamming him onto his knee. The attack is continuous with very little breathing room for both combatants. Jayden is bent and beaten by the muscular Florida boy.

A rookie mistake from Sparx allows Jayden an opportunity to slip out of a hold with his powerful legs before applying a textbook full nelson body scissor. This frustrates Nick, but it’s not gonna be easy to escape from Jayden’s grasp as the two battle back-and-forth. The size difference comes back into play as Nick forces his way back into dominance. 

Nick is impressive and so aren’t the holds he utilizes. A torture rack followed by a knockout head scissor finish the lightweight wrestler and Nick takes the final moments of pleasure toying with him.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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