Joey Angel vs. Austin Cooper


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Big butts. Big thighs. Top heavy chests and arms all tapering down to tiny bare feet. We’ve got them comparing bods with a good-natured pose off and athletic challenge. Not a bad instructional vid for the weight-free workouts of some of these fine specimens. Seems Angel is broader, but Cooper is taller. Should make for a pretty sweet match. 

All too soon they’re wrapping those big old thighs around one another’s necks, sitting those big old asses on each other’s heads, and grinding those chests together in total tests of endurance and energy. Angel straddles Cooper from the side, twisting his arm and wrapping his fingers around his neck. Cooper uses the ropes to his advantage while destroying Angel’s legs with his own. Soon Cooper is practically mowing the lawn with Angel, pushing and dragging him around by the legs. Angel locks those killer thighs around Cooper, and they’re still not done yet. 

It’s a good clean fight between two good clean dudes. Who will reign victorious in such an even exchange of power and intensity? Oh, also, you ain’t ready for that humiliating, package exposing spladle!

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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