Joey Angel vs. Chet Chastain


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Joey Angel is a human Transformer. That baby face hides the nature of a true athlete, and those singlets conceal a hidden huntsman ready to crush, mangle, and destroy. Chet Chastain, on the other hand, hides nothing. What you see is what you get...prettyboy appearance, hot body, nasty and aggressive something-to-prove attitude made apparent by that wicked smirk he’s always wearing. Putting these two tumblers in a ring together ought to be interesting. 

Things start off pleasantly enough, as both boys compliment one anothers form during a series of workouts, but what starts out as a friendly tussle between men of equal skill, soon takes on a brutal edge as each man realizes he’s evenly matches. Angel suffers a series of breath constricting squeezes, while Chastain endures Angel’s ass planted square in his back while legs are pried and pulled into painful positions. Chastain answers the call with a hammerlock, only to be figure-foured for his life. 

Off comes the Angel’s singlet, out comes the beast. Now what began as a mutually challenging training session erupts into a straining, gasping, groaning fight for superiority between two men who could destroy one another in a real fight. 

It’s Angel vs. Devil...but which is which?

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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