Joey Angel vs. The Mountain


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Bubble butt Joey Angel looks adorable in his powder blue singlet. Mammoth Mountain ain’t impressed. 

“You’re a little bug,” he scoffs. “You’re no match for me. You’re supposed to be a wrestler, huh?”

Joey Angel isn’t phased by the insults. He forces the bigger dude into a figure four headlock that leaves the Mountain crumbling. Angel eats the mats a few minutes later, enduring the full weight of The Mountain man on his clenched neck. Straddled and slumped, Angel can’t even get to his feet. The Mountain twists him like a pretzel, kneads him like dough, and humiliates the shit out of him, never one losing that boyish grin. 

Soon he’s attacking that pretty angel face, ripping that mouth open, wrenching arms out, and demanding a well-earned tap out. Angel is either too stupid, or too damaged to say “I give!” 

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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