Joey Nux & Brute Baynard vs. Austin Cooper


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Joey and Brute are talking about how much they enjoy destroying their opponents. Given the trail of destruction they leave after their matches, we have no doubt that they aren’t making this up. As they flex and show off their massive muscles and gorgeous bodies. They talk about how nobody will be willing to wrestle them. They continue with threats to rip off arms, legs, and heads. Brute says, “Step up. Step in with us. Get broken.” In walks Austin Cooper. Austin is no small man, but compared to these two goons, he looks quite small. He looks them both up and down and appropriately says, “Shit!” 

We pity Austin in this match. We have serious doubts about Austin’s ability to beat either of these monsters, much less both at the same time. It takes very little time before Austin issues his first submission. As Joey is about to pop Austin’s head off in a full nelson, Brute pummels his gut with a, no pun intended, brutal punch. We’re surprised Austin didn’t puke instantly. We, along with Austin, wish it was the only one, but Brute is relentless in his attack. We’ve already lost count of the number of times Austin has submitted. Joey and Brute give Austin a double leg split that make a grown man cry. 

This match is an amazing spectacle that can only come from deviant minds. Battered and pummeled, stomped and stretched, stepped on and stomped, Austin is nothing more than a rag doll for these savages. Austin is strong, sexy, and a highly experienced wrestler. Even so, he has more than he can handle in this match. This match was nothing short of pure torture and humiliation for Austin. He’s forced to submit, cry out “uncle,” and used beyond belief. The final hold, a double over-the-shoulder backbreaker must be seen to be believed. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes

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