Joey Nux & Brute Baynard vs. Kayden Alexander


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“If you’re watching this, then it’s already too late for some unfortunate little punk!” roars Brute Baynard, posing alongside Joey Nux. These dudes are living action figures, with massive pecs, baseball-sized ab muscles, biceps the size of their heads, veins popping out. Men built for fighting and flattening.

Enter Kayden Alexander, a prancing, balletic, admittedly beautiful, but woefully out of place princess with tossing golden hair, a smile like a drop of sugar, and a fully outlined bulge in his yellow speedos. His body is supple, soft, slim, and nothing like the two giants he grins at invitingly.  

Sit back, relax, and brace yourself for the most unfair, brutal, bullying beating of the century, as a hopeless, helpless kid is tossed, smashed, crushed, stamped out, and defeated in ball-busting, back-breaking, scream-to-the-heavens humiliation! 

Total Run-time: 16 minutes, 49 seconds

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