Joey Nux & Drago vs. Reyes Valenti


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Joey and Drago head home after a long day. Imagine seeing these two muscled gods walking around your neighborhood like civilians in tight fitting street clothes. But even muscle gods get exhausted. They collapse in the living room in street clothes, ready to take a load off, when there’s an angry knock at the door. 

Bespectacled and wearing a white tank, skinny Reyes demands insurance information from the musclebound brutes for scratching his car. Naturally the musclebums invite him in...for the beating of a lifetime. They strip him of his glasses, tussle his raven hair, then Drago lifts and squeezes the kid while Joey shouts out encouragements. Joey lifts Reyes off his feet by his neck, stripping off his shirt, holding him in a full nelson, and demanding to know about that scratch. Now, the little punk doesn't dare speak. 

Drago’s shirt comes off, revealing an impossibly perfect body. Joey removes his hat, glasses, and his own sweaty shirt. Imagine if your school bullies looked like these two. Reyes is passed from man to man, head scissored by barefoot gods in matching black and white underwear, each taking turns to put Reyes in one agonizing position after another. At one point Joey reclines on the sofa, watching his buddy beat the boy like he’s watching a favorite show. While Reyes suffers for hours between their legs, the gods play games, make phone calls, brush their teeth, and relax. It’s a demented punishment session with a domestic twist, as poor pretty Reyes gets it from the best. 

Total Runtime: 18 minutes, 48 seconds

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