Joey Nux vs. Austin Cooper (Mat Rats)


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Austin always looks so huge on camera, until you put him next to a dude like Joey. But size ain’t everything in this business, as we’ve seen time and time again. Joey may be tall and muscular, but can buff joey stand up to skilled, scrappy expert wrestler Austin. Watching these dudes stretch gives a lot of perspective on the differences between their who masterful physiques. Joey has gained flexibility, which will be key in a match with Austin. His biceps are massive.

The first lockup goes right to the mat, with Joey making his way onto Austin’s back and locking on a serious ground hold that has Austin tapping immediately. Joey’s toes flex with precision placement, giving him balance as well as strength over Austin. Austin’s powerful thighs and locked ankles are effective, but his strength is waning against Joey’s resistance.

Austin manages to drive Joey into the mat, but gets a facefull of crotch in the process, struggling against Joey’s own powerful thighs. The camera moves in so close, you’ll feel like you’re wrestling with them, as every drop of sweat, every grimace, every strain hard-earned advantage is deeply felt as golden light bounces off their muscular bodies.

Austin has to resort to literally pressing his full weight on Joey to try to hold him down, and always Joey manages to roll out, giving Austin his own medicine back. Massive biceps cut into windpipes, and Austin turns so red he can’t help but tap and gaze up and Joey’s flawless victory pose.

The final face off is any man’s game, and both men have had a taste of what the other is capable of. It will take every ounce of remaining strength for these guys to determine a final winner, and reach that final gentlemanly handshake. Muscle studs grappling...what’s not to love?

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 5 seconds

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