Joey Nux vs. Christian Thorn

Joey Nux vs. Christian Thorn

NHB Fights

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Joey Nux (6'1", 230 lbs, California)
Christian Thorn (5'6", 150 lbs, Missouri)

Two of the most incredible physiques in the underground wrestling world are obviously those of Joey Nux and Christian Thorn. These guys are popping with definition, each one looking like an action figure come to life. But there’s a major difference in height. Will it matter in a NHB fight? DOES it matter when two such impressive bodies come crashing together on camera? 

Thorn is instantly encompassed by the bigger Joey, who rides the Filippino Fighter like a very tiny pony. Joey’s freckled arms, back, and shoulders flex with strength. Joey growls almost like a beast who knows he’s got his prey right where he wants it. Thorn gags on his own forearm while being ridden by Joey, then tastes the wrath of Nux’s knees and thighs while enjoying the sensation of having his arm almost broken.  

These guys sweat like gladiators, wrench each other’s arms, and roar at one another while Joey secures one submission after another. But Thorn never gives up, coming back strong again and again, only to be crushed, clobbered, choked, squeezed, and sweated on by buckets of sweat that falls like a waterfall off of Joey onto Thorn’s own chiseled pecs and abs. It’s a hot, wet, smothering, slobbering squash job that will make you feel like you’re ingesting Joey yourself! Definitely a match to watch again and again and again! 

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 35 seconds

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