Joey Nux vs. Christian Thorn (Ring)


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Tan and toned Christian Thorn digs into big, hard Joey Nux, crushing the big boy’s neck with a sleek aggression that Thorn is the master of. Thorn may be much smaller than Joey, but he’s a hard-bodied badass, and he didn’t get this far without tons of tenacity!

“Flex for me!” barks Thorn, forcing Joey into a sleeper. The bigger dude obeys, his handsome face straining. Soon he’s gagging on a facefull of Thorn’s armpit, feet spread wide, torso exposed for slapping. Thorn flexes over Joey’s fallen frame, master of all he surveys. “Keep flexing!”

Joey is dripping with sweat within minutes, gagging and groaning in graphic agony. It takes all of Thorn’s leg strength to maintain his power of the much bigger, vein-rippled Joey, but maintain it he does. Thorn struts around the ring, his epic ass passing the camera like a vision from the heavens, before he presses his shiny white boots deeply into Joey’s balls like a beast. Bearhugs! Figure fours! Constant humiliation and beautiful, sweat-streaked bodies on display!

Runtime: 20 minutes, 18 seconds

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