Joey Nux vs. Colt (Guest Ref)


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Try to find a prettier prettyboy than Colt. This dude oozes charm in every movement, with his golden hair and sunbaked bod, he poses and puckers like a model. Joey Nux is a muscular mountain of strength. His biceps alone a rock hard. He practically looks down on Colt. Surely the kid’s gonna get his hot rookie ass ruined by the muscleman. Enter an old school ref to keep the boys in line. A test of strength has muscular Joey being ground into the floor like a fool! Maybe the colt’s got more strength than we thought.

Joey gets his when he muscles the white-teethed tussler around a bit, only to taste the floor again. Sweat starts to shimmer on the combatant’s bodies. Boyish Colt doesn’t break when told. The Ref pulls him off, then feeds Colt his shoe as a warning. Cold cuts into Joey’s neck with an attempted sleeper, once again ignoring the ref’s warning. Ref takes a handful of that sunshine hair as a warning to the too-rough rookie.

Joey gets the upper hand, offering up Colt’s exposed nipples to the dirty old ref, who pinches and slaps, then grinds his food into Colt’s balls. Colt is gagged with the ropes, while Ref looks the other way. Soon Joey and the Ref are having their unfair way with the little Colt, each of them enjoying the twisted rules and even more twisted body of the prettyboy. Wedgies, gut beatings, hair pulling! All while Joey holds the kid perfectly still for the coach daddy to do what he likes, even aggressive ball grabbing. It’s a daddy fantasy fight with three dudes at very different places in their life, each filling his roll perfectly!

Total Run Time: 17 minutes. 21 seconds

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