Joey Nux vs. Dashing Dustin


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Joey looks great in a wrestling singlet and boots. Too bad about his wrestling...said NOBODY EVER. Only a fool would have anything negative to say about this sculpted stud with the insanely massive biceps, shoulders, back, and especially his pecs, which cast deep shadows. Joey is a work of art, not just in body, but in face and form. He has a department store mannequin face, silvery hair, and a cool demeanor. Spindly Dustin, who enters the ring with all the energy of a puppy, steps up to the bigger, better man, and antagonizes him like a kid brother. 
“Dude, you’re not coming into my ring talkin’ crap, especially when you’re about as big as my forearm,” says Joey, never rattled. 

Seconds in, and Joey has Dustin slung across his manly shoulders. Joey’s smiling like the cat who just ate the canary, and Dustin keeps talking crap. Back-breakers, brutal throws, and soul crushing bear hugs await him, as the string cheese kid grips Joey’s pecs in a desperate attempt to show some fight. 

Watch Dustin crawl around the ring floor like the pathetic loser he is, barefoot and struggling beneath Joey’s white boots. The champ grunts and flexes while the kid squirms beneath the champ’s superior weight. It’s over. Victory. Joey is the champ for sure...but Dustin springs up, slamming the bigger man’s balls and immobilizing him! At last we see Dustin ond top, applying a sleeper that gets Joey sweating, gasping, and attempting to crawl away. He’s down for the count! Is it Dashing Dustin a heel deep down inside...can he keep this up? Watching a confirmed jobber blossom into the unexpected heel of the century is not to be missed!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 25 minutes. 34 seconds

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