Joey Nux vs. Drago


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When Drago flexes, it’s hard to look away. He’s a breathtaking bodybuilder with the type of physique some dudes never achieve, even with the hardest work. It’s a privilege to watch him flex in his black and gold speedos. Joey Nux is a big dude too, with an impressive physique of his own.

It’s fun to compare boot and knee pad-wearing, tatted up Joey with the clean, barefoot Drago. Each man has a style all his own. It’s only natural they should start off with a little pushing and shoving. The rage comes out of nowhere, as Joey’s torso is clamped and crushed by Drago. Drago stomps Joey with his sexy bare feet, grabs his hair and pounds him into the corner. Both dudes are already sweating down their muscular backs and chests...but only Joey is groaning in agony.

Joey’s arms are twisted like ropes, and suddenly Drago is in Joey’s clutches. Joey clamps his armpit over Drago’s face, wrenching that massive chest backward, then grabbing his hair and hoisting him into the air for a brutal bearhug. Fists fly and thunder against bodies, and Drago wraps Joey up in his legs. Both men are panting and working hard, neither one certain who will win this competitive, jealousy-laden fight! This is one of the sweatiest, most muscular duos ever pared up, and the aggression only increases with every drop of sweat formed between them in this ab clawing, rolling, arm wrenching war!

Total Run Time: 19 minutes, 15 seconds

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