Joey Nux vs. Drew Harper


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Drew Harper strips off his letterman’s jacket to do pushups with his best friend, a certain football. He really ought to give that pigskin a name, he spends so much time with it. Drew’s a sexy, muscular stud, and his workout regime is inspiring, as sweat adds definition to his frame. Perfect form. Perfect body. Perfect attitude...until somebody tries to take his ball…

Enter Joey Nux, a walking action figure, who slams Harper in the guts with his own ball and pulls him into a sleeper, then a full nelson. The camera hugs tight abs and muscular backs, as Harper breaks free and lifts the bigger man off his feet, crushing his torso with rage. Nux falls, only to be cradled in Harper’s manly grip.

But Joey breaks free, and finds Harper’s letterman jacket, which makes for a great choking device! Harper is pulled back by the neck, his exposed abs slapped and pounded. Backbreakers, Boston crabs, and plenty of back-and-forth keep this fight for the football fierce!

Runtime: 22 minutes, 30 seconds

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