Joey Nux vs. Nathan FX (Wedgie Wars)


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Big Joey Nux must have had to wrestle that tiny red thong just to get into it. The musclestud stands tall and strong, barefoot and bold, his package swinging and casting shadows, his ass cheeks clenched hard for all to see. Enter spindly Nathan FX, gawky and geeky in a Wrestler4Hire shirt, white trunks, and boots. Joey makes short work of that shirt, ripping it off his opponent’s lean, pale body, before rolling him across the floor. Joey straddles Nathan, shoving the sweaty shirt in his mouth until Nathan’s muffled screams annoy him.

Joey lifts the skinny kind up by his hair, then torture racks him with delight. Now it’s time to even the playing field, as Joey rips and pulls at the cute kids trunks, revealing a black thong beneath. Joey wedgies the kid and yanks him around the mat by his white trunks, as Nathan tries to crawl away.

Trunks twisted and bunched, black thong and ass cheeks showing, Joey hairpulls and back breaks the boy like a boss. Naturally, psychotic Joey uses the white trunks to strangle his bare-assed boy. But with that black thong now fully available, Joey soon turns to even more brutal wedgie abuse. Can Nathan FX take it?

Total Run Time: 19 minutes, 48 seconds

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