Joey Nux vs. Rendell Zebu


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Lone wolf Rendell Zebu may be a lean, lithe panther in the wrestling ring, but he’s as strong as an ox, and mildly demented to boot. We’ve seen him use poisons and potions to have his way with more muscular men. Looks like Joey Nux is his latest victim. The powerful stud is bound and unconscious, looking vulnerable and hot in rugby gear sneakers, socks, short shorts, and tank, his bulge and bulging muscles on full display as he moans and writhes in discomfort. Zebu just smiles, a barefoot assassin... 
Zebu hoists Nux up, cranking his neck, then grinding him into the floor in an epic Boston crab that leaves Nux red-faced and groaning in agony. Zebu manhandles, backbreaks, and brutalizes the bigger man, whose superior back, arm, and thigh muscles are useless against Zebu’s sadistic abuse. 

Zebu strips down to a banana yellow speedo, his head already dripping with sweat, as he crushes Nux’s torso, wrenches his arms behind his back, and launches into one of the sweatiest, sexiest, most humiliating punishment sessions ever filmed, one that leaves Nux stripped of everything but the smallest speedo, and maybe a scrap of dignity. 

Total Run-time: 23 minutes, 33 seconds

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