Joey Nux vs. TJ Reks


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TJ Reks is a cute competitor who is just a little in over his head. He can’t seem to get lose from the ring ropes. He struggles and strains, booted feet kicking uselessly...his red speedo exposed leaving little to the imagination as he calls for assistance. Who should head his cries, but big, brutal heel Joey Nux.

“What do we have here? A mouse caught in a trap?” And Joey’s the cat. Only this cat prefers gutpunching to scratching. Cutie TJ smiles through the pain, squirms, struggles...but this only turns Joey on more! He grips the top of his prey’s speedos and pulls up, yanking the entangled tussler into an easier position for more ab abuse. Joey releases the mouse, only to grip that hair and push TJ into the corner, where more abdominal abuse awaits him.

TJ is arched over the ropes, his abs abused again and again, until they glow with a stinging redness that you can practically feel. TJ calls Joey a bitch, spitting the word at him with admirable resolve. Too bad there’s just no escaping. You know this is gonna end bad. The question is, how bad? So sit back, relax, and see if TJ cries!  

Total Run Time: 19 minutes, 19 seconds

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