John Wolfboy vs. AJ Black

John Wolfboy vs. AJ Black

NHB Fights

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John Wolfboy (5'7", 135 lbs, Pennsylvania)

AJ Black (5'8", 120 lbs, Florida)

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 55 seconds


Wolfboy might be one of the hungriest wolves in the pack. As he spread eagles himself in front of the camera, it’s hard to imagine a better opponent for this incredibly lean and long grappler than the equally lean and long AJ Black. These dudes are both hungry for a victory. AJ flexes his oversized feet for the camera, then attempts a backbend that puts his every muscle on prominent display. 

These guys lock up, each struggling to find the right footing. Suddenly AJ is trapped between Wolfboy’s legs. Wolfboy, for all his effort, almost looks bored soon his focus shifts and he appears to study his opponent’s suffering with deep interest. AJ is twisted and bent, constantly gasping as the stronger man rings him out like an old dishrag. 

Wolfboy’s vacant expression is a particular thing of interest as he crushes AJ’s throat, closes his hands over his forehead posessively, and even uses his feet to put pressure on the struggling, skinny stud. If you enjoy watching an implacibally calm champion destroy a gasping, sweating, straining opponent who shows every wince of pain and discomfort on the surface, then this is the match for you.

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