Jonny Firestorm vs. Cameron (My Nuts, Bro)


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What an absolutely brutal bashing my balls took at the hands of one of my best friends? For real, the worst my nuts have ever felt in my entire life, but the pain didn't end when the match was over. Nope. It lasted for days...and Jonny thought it was hilarious. 

This match came about when I got a custom video script from a fan. At first I didn't dare accept the inevitable destruction, especially knowing it would be at the hands of one of the most deviant heels in the underground wrestling industry. I was finally talked into doing it, so I called one of my friends to film the match for us. He didn't expect to see what he saw. As he watched me suffer from behind the camera, he began to feel the domination that I was. He was forced to suffer through the pain with me through the lens of a camera. I even saw him grabbing his nuts a few times in imagined pain.

Jonny beat the shit out of me. Wedgies and ball bash like I've never experienced before. And it was long. This wasn't a typical 20 minute W4H match. It kept going-and-going until I finally begged for some mercy. 

It took years to convince Jonny to let me release it for you to enjoy and he finally gave me the okay. So I hope two friends doing what they do best. One destroying the others cock-and-balls, while they other bears the punishment.

Total Run-time: 41 minutes

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