KARN vs. Alvin James (Domination)


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Rat Pack initiation in Karn’s red velvet-curtained kingdom! 100% perfect god of the wrestling ring Karn brings that effortless bravado and quietly calculating method, not to mention his unnerving way of simply NOT NOTICING his victim’s horrified begging and cries of pain! 

Today’s pathetic victim, handsome boy-next-door Alvin James! With the body like a small super hero and that boyish grin, this adorable puppy just wanted to play, and nobody plays quite like Karn, who goes to down on James’s legs, arms, neck, and chest. Boots collide with abs and heads, and violent midsection squeezing forces James to beg for a friendly game of cards instead. Karn begins to contemplate the need for a few sessions of painful punishment, boxing the kid’s ears, knocking him face-first into the ropes, and calling him out for being ungrateful, and unready for a coveted place in the rat back. 

While smashing the boy-next-door between his crushing legs, Karn demands a song. Can James sing his way out of this bear-trap? Karn’s bicep firmly planted in the kid’s neck suggests not, but hearing James attempt to apologize for being a disrespectful bitch is pretty damn amusing!

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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