KARN vs. Braden Charron (From The Vault)


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Dark, sexy badass KARN tosses the dice, attired in blazer, tie (and wrestling gear!). We learn he is interviewing potential apprentices for his rat pack. When clean-cut, muscle-bound, Braden Charron appears in sparkling white boots, blue speedo and tank, and covered in his hot body art, you just know KARN is gonna smack the smile off of that handsome face. 

Into the ring they climb, as KARN reveals his own glorious body art, which make his perfectly defined shoulder muscles stand out even more. What follows is the slow, methodical, and totally barbarous picking apart of a total stud. One complete picture of health and fitness destroying another. Each of these guys is a glowing paragon of physical perfection, equal in size and pronounced musculature.

“I specifically told you not to wear a shirt to this interview,” barks KARN. “Take your shirt off right now!” Charron obeys, peeling his shirt off while struggling against a killer leg twist. 

The interview continues, with KARN continuing to ask the boyish interviewee a slew of questions, while passing him from one hold to another. Imagine trying to think of an answer to an interview question like “what do you bring to the team?” or “what is your opinion on diversity?” while being crushed between KARN’s strong legs, or being lifted off your feet in a brutal bearhug.

Will Charron pass his interview?

Total Run-time: 29 minutes

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