KARN vs. Caleb Brand


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“Ready to do this?” asks Caleb Brand, his old-fashioned beefcake bod puffed up like a rooster. Flawless tattooed prince of the wrestling ring Karn is looking unbelievably fit standing midring in the warehouse of pain, each muscle casting a shadow in the reddish light, making him look more mannequin than man. 

“Look in my eyes while I torture you!” demands Brand, chopping Karn in the chest. Brand goes for the eyes, raking those sausage-like fingers across Karn’s ocular nerves with no regard for his well being. Karn finds himself flat on his back, arms wrenched over his head, legs spread wide in a compromising position that leaves him wide oven for the more primal abdominal abuse Brand inflicts next, one meaty hand pressing the mannequin man against the floor at the forehead. And if Karn thought he was gonna crawl away from Bran without receiving some killer ball abuse, he was dead wrong. 

“You’re gonna learn to say please, or you’re gonna get hurt a lot more,” Brand cautions. “Now, you look like you could use a hug.” 

Will KARN learn his lesson before Brand squeezes the life out of that flawless frame?

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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