KARN vs. Chet Chastain & Alvin James (My Nuts, Bro)


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Can’t get enough of Karn, can you? Neither can we, as we watch the tattooed terror stretch those long, lean muscles for nobody’s particular enjoyment. Enter Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Chet Chastain and Alvin James, with a challenge for the tatted mat master. 

Yeah, these two dudes have their minds on only one area...Karn’s groin. But this ain’t no Double Teamed match! Suddenly Karn has both boys trapped in a double headlock, a move that only enrages the Tweedles to a heightened level that puts everybody’s junk on the line. 

Brace yourself for a cock and ball twisting, tormenting, kicking, crushing, smashing, bashing battle that is beyond anything we’ve filmed before. You want to see the superior man beg at the hands of two dumbass dudes with an obsession for Karn’s crotch? This is the match for you, as Chastain and James wear the better man down until he’s literally begging for release. If Karn’s nuts aren’t safe, you best hold on to yours!

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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