KARN vs. Colin Havok (Super Villain)


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In his darkened, evil wrestling lair, black and silver clad Super Villain KARN plots the end of days by the light of an eerie green glow, until Mr. Beautiful (Colin Havok) enters his den of violent villainy. Mr. Beautiful quickly finds himself locked in KARN’s legendary sleeper hold. 

Off comes KARN’s leather jacket, revealing that astonishing body. Camel clutch, nelson, leg scissors, while KARN demands to know who sent this pathetic assassin, and reveals the fact that he was created in a laboratory. Mr. Beautiful is wearing down, or so we think, until he serves up one hell of a bitch slap that catches KARN off guard. KARN puts on the pressure, adding pain, and a twist. 

“Be my sidekick,” he offers. “I’ll even let you keep your name, even though it’s not very fitting.” Mr. Beautiful, to his credit, refuses, while eating mat and being choked by his own dog tag chain. 

“So what was your plan, here?” asks KARN, while rolling Mr. Beautiful up like a ball of yarn. “Use your somewhat good looks to beat me up?”

KARN plays with this kid like a can playing with a mouse. Can this dog tagged defender give this super villain the beating he deserves, or will he be devoured by KARN’s super strength?

Total Run-time: 28 minutes

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