KARN vs. Daxx Carter


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Daxx Carter poses in the ring, that beefy body rippling with muscular power. Tattooed god Karn enters with bandaged fingers, wrists, and his epic two full sleeves. Karn admires Daxx’s chest tat...but his admiration gets a little...handsy. Now any tatted idiot ought to know it’s not cool to touch somebody else’s tattoos...but Karn actually strokes and manhandles Daxx’s ink. After several warnings, the beefy bro snaps, and lean Karn is bearhugged and thrown.

Time and time again he gets too handsy with Daxx, and Daxx uses his size to crush his opponent’s abdomen so hard you can feel it through the screen. Karn is cameled, stomped, and at one point practically spladled above the ground! His attempt to gutpunch Daxx only results in further damage to his already bandaged digits.

Soon Karn is eating the floor with Daxx riding his back in a sweaty schoolboy pin, which gets worse when he wrenches Karn’s arms into impossible positions. Hot and hairy Karn is left gasping on the mat, his body explored seductively by the camera and he pleads for mercy...but the worst is yet to come.

Run time: 20 minutes, 45 seconds

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