KARN vs. Ethan Andrews (A Christmas Party Story)


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KARN, dressed as a sexy Santa, is pre-gaming all by himself, while waiting for Ethan to finish preparing for the Christmas costume party. Ethan is slowing down KARN's fun by making him wait to get to the second best party of the year. The party is hosted by myself (Cameron) and I give away lots of goodies: holiday cards, gifts and speedos. I even have a prize for BEST DRESSED (read: least dressed), which KARN hopes to win.

Things get out-of-hand, as they often do, and we end up seeing a back-and-forth ball bash between the two pals. Low blows, claws, stomps and more punish the nether regions of both men. This is a fun match. Definitely a solid way to get ready for the holiday.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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