KARN vs. Flash LaCash


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Who knew brutal badass KARN had musical theatre aspirations? Attired in vest, tie, and wrestling gear, KARN displays his showmanship while rehearses a jaunty little dance number. Flash LaCash, a literal Guy Smiley, admires KARN’s fancy-dancy moves, inviting the tattooed terpsichorean into the ring to teach him a few of his signature moves. Midway through the dance class, KARN goes from Baryshnikov to brawler when his knee makes contact with Flash’s unprepared abs. KARN is gonna show Flash some moves alright…

KARN wraps those tattooed arms around Flash, lifting his of the mat as if he weighs nothing at all. Flash finds himself locked in a nelson, flexing his impressive biceps against the strain, only to get grounded with his face in the mat as KARN applies one fucked up Boston crab. KARN pulls Flash’s hair, digs his knee into his back, and grinds his elbow deep into his side, watching with glee as Flash’s trademark smile dissolves into a grimace. 

Flash is leg locked, cameled, sleepered, and strained, as KARN takes the pain level up with the intention of rendering Flash incapable of dancing, or anything else for that matter. It’s a battle of two hot bodies, one being pushed to the limit, the other doing the pushing. 

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Total Run-time: 29 minutes

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