KARN vs. Gabe Steele


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Karn brags about his own impressiveness as he swoops and poses in a Gothic costume. Gabe Steel, a big and beefy hunk of handsome heel, isn’t impressed by what he sees. Caramel-skinned and seriously sensual Gabe sports a shimmering pair of speedos emblazoned with the words STEEL in silver letters. But steel can be bent!

Suddenly Karn is ripping off his Gothic costume and demanding Gabe call him “The Man.” Karn grinds his white boot into Gabe’s package with slow, deliberate pleasure. Karn tosses the big boy with ease, lifting him into a backbreaker like it’s nothing, and crushing his balls with a clenched fist that gets Gabe kicking and struggling in extreme agony. Skill he refuse to give Karn the satisfaction of calling him the man.

One has to admire Gabe’s stubbornness. Figure fours, scissors, gut punches, and against the ropes punishment leave Gabe shaken, but still stubborn. At last Karn exacts his most painful punishment on Karn, pulling him into what might be the most epic spladle ever filmed. It practically happens in slow motion with Karn locking Gabe up while standing, allowing the hold to literally fall into place as the two of them timber to the floor with a resounding thud. Can Gabe hold out in this humiliating hold? Or is Karn “The Man” after all?

Run time: 19 minutes, 52 seconds

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