KARN vs. Markus Vachon (Poker Night)


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Karn and Markus Vachon are having a friendly game of cards. The only problem is that each person thinks they are playing a different game. The decide to play a hand of poker with some pretty big stakes

– the loser has to be the winner’s slave for a week. Karn comes out on top and his first order to his new slave is something that Markus won’t do, so Karn decides to get take his winnings out in the form of a thorough beatdown.

A couple of armbars, headlocks and some very painful scissors has Markus writhing in pain on the mat. Karn offers the loser another chance in the form of another hand of cards. Karn suspects Markus of cheating, however, and that he cannot abide so the destruction continues. A half boston crab sees Markus screaming in pain as his lower back takes the brunt of the beatdown.

An on the mat full nelson only increases the pain and that later leads to an over the knee back breaker, another standing full nelson until the finale comes in the form of a tombstone piledriver. Multiple tap outs throughout the mat will have Markus wishing that he had folded his hand a lot earlier. It’s important to know when to quit the game and cut your losses, a very painful lesson for Markus Vachon!

Total running time: 29 minutes, 12 seconds

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