KARN vs. Teddy Trouble (Super Villain)


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With all the nobility of a knight of the round table, Super Villain KARN stands face to face with reformed villain Teddy Trouble. Glittering capes come off, and KARN begins the violent process of encouraging the sideburned Trouble to become one of his villainous minions. But Trouble will need a lot of convincing, as these two muscle gods go at it with everything to gain. 

KARN is clearly surprised by his opponent’s massive back muscles, as Trouble strains and struggles with rippling perfection to overpower KARN’s noteworthy arms and thighs. KARN demands that Trouble swear fealty to him, rolling him backward with legs elevated so that the orange flames licking his ass and balls on his speedos are in full display. 

Trouble returns the favor, already dripping with sweat, as KARN leans into a figure four that has is silver trunks sparkling in the light. KARN rolls over, turning the pain around on Trouble, who manages to regain the advantage. 

Glittering capes are used for strangulation, dynamic stretches, and more in a match filled with sleepers, back-breakers, leg abuse, and the eternal struggle of good vs. evil.

Total Run-time: 27 minutes

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