Kayden Alexander vs. Calvin Haynes


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Kayden Alexander looks like one of those German fight/porn actors, completely lean and pretty, with golden hair and a smile like a drop of sugar. Robust Calvin Haynes can’t help but smile at the green kid, certain he’s going to rip him to pieces with all the power in his hairy muscle gut, massive biceps, and killer thighs. 

Kayden comes at Calvin with surprising strength and energy, mounting and manhandling the manly man with wicked tenacity. All too soon, Kayden has his way with the twig, grinding and crushing his tiny frame. But the wiry punk manages to ride Calvin’s ass, wrenching his superior arms behind him, making Calvin curse and rage back, lifting Calvin off his bare feet and crushing his tiny torso with barbaric strength. 

“I think I broke a sweat,” mocks deep-voiced Calvin. 

“You messed up my hair,” laughs high-voiced Kayden. 

The banter between these two is priceless. Soon they’re at it again, legs entwined, necks crushed, armpits exposed and bulged framed in humiliating holds. Scrappy Kayden goes for Calvin’s balls, feet are used as torture devices, and two very different fighters explore the brutish, ruthless ups and downs of a highly sensual scrap that leaves one combatant stripped of his trunks and laying balls out in a humiliating red g-string. Grrr! 

Total Runtime: 22 minutes, 48 seconds

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