Kayden Alexander vs. Nick Justice (Play Toy)


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Kayden is tied up with his hands restrained, leaving him unable to defend himself. One would expect someone in such a submissive position to show some respect to his much larger and more experienced opponent and he enters to ring. Kayden fails to do so, calling Nick an old fart, a bitch, and even says he looks as if he is 50. This attitude gets the best of Nick, causing him to grab Kayden’s face and drop a series of f-bombs. Kayden remains unimpressed and continues his verbal assault. Poor Kayden. Is he really that stupid or does he just love pain? 

Nick has had enough and begins the physical abuse of young Kayden. Regardless of the amount of punishment Nick dishes out, Kayden continues to run his mouth and insult Nick every chance he gets. Sadly for Kayden, about the only benefit he gets from his insults is the pleasure of knowing he is flapping his gums and launching a verbal assault. It still is no benefit for him as Nick continually abuses this little long-haired bitch. Maybe Kayden thought having verbal control will help him win the match because the harder Nick hurts him, the more he keeps running his mouth. The insults from both wrestlers continue to fly.

Both continue their assaults. Kayden attacks with verbal taunts and insults while Nick dishes out serious pain and punishment. Nick even bites one of Kayden’s nipples, causing him to scream like a little girl. To his credit, Kayden does manage to apply a couple of holds, but they are not well executed and his physical control is very short-lived. Still, he refuses to give up, no matter how much pressure Nick applies. Kayden continues to run his mouth and insult his clearly superior opponent right up until the point he is choked out to end the match. If we were to place a bet, we would bet that Kayden was the kid who was beat up on the elementary school playground, abused in gym class, and stuffed into his locker in high school. Why? Because he can’t stop running his mouth, regardless of the physical pain and punishment he faces.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 42 seconds

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