Kelly King vs. Brute Baynard (Grudge Match)


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Something about a muscle stud that makes you want to see him show-off his body. Brute Baynard is in fantastic shape head-to-toe. And we know that all good things are usually followed by bad things, especially in the underground wrestling world. Kelly King struts in looking for a fight. 

We all know Kelly: Loud-mouthed Texas-boy with All-American good looks. Anyway, he's had a grudge with Brute since 2010. Kelly wanted a match with Brute immediately upon seeing him in the dressing room at a video shoot. 

Both men are highly skilled pro wrestlers who spend hours in the gym. Brute has the height and weight advantage, but athletism goes to the cocky Texan. Much of the match is spent on the canvas with both men working each other over and it doesn't take long before the cheap shots are brought in.

The determination to be victorious increases and sweat flies off the bodies of the two gladiators. Who will stand over their defeated foe when the dust settles?

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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