Kelly King vs. Chase Sinn (Grudge Match)


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The back story of this match is quite simple, but it is quite heated, too. Chase Sinn has been wrestling all around the country for small independent federations. He's been looking for one opponent in particular. Kelly King has refused to give Chase the time of time when it comes to a pro wrestling match and often laughs at promoters who suggest the match-up.

Why though? There's some bad blood from the first introduction these two had. Something about Chase's arrogance and ego rubbed Kelly's ego the wrong way. A tough, Texas-bred brute: Kelly King. A suave, smooth and narcissistic talent: Chase Sinn.

This is classic pro wrestling format for this FIRST-TIME anywhere match. Each starts with a brief interview targeting their opponent then onto the one-ups, some trash talk and finally a strong lock-up that sends them off to the races. A back-and-forth match with lots of classic holds and innovative torture. Bodyscissors, Figure fours, boston crabs and various sleeper more. Lots of close calls.

Each man suffers at the hands of the other. A score must be settled.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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