Kelly King vs. Chico The Student (From The Vault)


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Kelly King is the kind of beefy stud you’d have to be a fool to faceoff with unless you’ve got a lot of training. He just looks like he’s been made to overpower and punish. Poor jobber Chico ain’t ready! King wastes no time, almost immediately getting Chico in a full nelson and calmly encouraging the jobber to give up.

But Chico likes that pain, and he’s got some fight in him, returning the full nelson and pressing the better man down to his knees. King doesn’t appreciate this, and secures a headlock to show it, grinning at the camera with pride. King hoists Chico up by his hair, only to slam him down again and stomp him with booted feet. Chico cries out in pain, totally broken. Now the real fun begins!

King Boston crabs the jobber, drags him around by his feet. Necks are crushed. Legs and arms are twisted. Bodies hit the floor, almost shaking the earth. King grinds his knee into a fallen Chico’s head, and still the jobber-punk won’t tap. Sweat courses down sexy King’s back and chest as he waits for that tap. It’s coming...the question is when?

Runtime: 30 minutes, 21 seconds

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